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Introducing TECTITE

We're proud to add TECTITE to our product offering.  These brass fittings use the "PUSH" installation method.  That's right - they push together in seconds to create a perfect joint.  No torches and no solder required!

TECTITE has benefits that extend well beyond the installation technique, including the fact that these fittings are removable, can be reused, and have a 50-year warranty.  Visit the TECTITE page to read all about it.


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Introducing CopperLOC™ from
Elkhart Products Corporation

A Push in the Right Direction

CopperLOC" fittings are a heat free method for joining Copper, CPVC and PEX tube.  They are designed to save time and money on installations.  Installing a CopperLOC joint is simple, requiring no extra materials.

CopperLOC fittings eliminated the need to obtain a "Hot Work" permit, which can have costly insurance implications.  The potential for flame damage is removed.  No more solder, flux, heat, adhesives, threading machings or special pressing tools needed!

The result: lower costs, reduced labor time, and a clean and efficient installation process!

Superb performance.

  • Perfect for hot and cold water services and chilled water applications
  • Designed and manufactured with the highest quality possible
  • Meet the latest industry standards
  • Manufactured in the USA from copper or copper alloys and use EPDM o-ring seals
  • Designed to join Copper, CPVC and PEX tube in the ½" to 1" size range
  • A tube liner is required when using PEX tubing
  • Operating temperatures are from 0° to 250°F at a maximum working pressure of 200 psi

Perfect fit. Perfect warranty.

CopperLOC fittings carry a 50-year-warranty against manufacturing defects. Contact an EPC representative for details. All warranties are subject to following good installation practices. The installation manual provides comprehensive details.

For more information, contact us today!


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